What is Scrappy Nation?

We are a community of people who share a passion to improve our lives and our businesses by learning and teaching new skills and ideas through scrappiness.

What’s the benefit of being scrappy?

Scrappiness helps you leverage the work that has already been done by others to make you smarter and more efficient.

What does scrappy mean?

It is the unwavering belief that any problem can be solved, any challenge can be overcome, and any question can be answered through mindful effort and learnable skill.

How do I get scrappy?

We all begin our lives being scrappy. Unfortunately, we lose the skill due to fear, self doubt and the pressures of life. The good news is that we can relearn how to be scrappy.

Recent Articles

The Scrappy Nation Blog is a collection of ramblings and musings from members of our community. While varied in topic, length and entertainment value, the articles share a common theme of helping business owners and marketers improve themselves and, in the process, learn to become more scrappy.

Join The Scrappy Nation

If you look up the word ‘scrappy’ in the dictionary, it will give you two distinct meanings. 1. To be made up of smaller parts (or scraps), 2. To be feisty.

At Scrappy Nation, we like to think that people who adopt the scrappy philosophy are a combination of these two meanings. We improve ourselves by learning and acquiring new skills and new information, but we also have a determination and fighting spirit that means that, against the odds, we’ll still find a way to figure it out.

If you are an entrepreneur or marketer and you want to see improvement in yourself and in your business, then join our community and share your hopes, dreams, fears and knowledge with others who are struggling with the exact same things that you are.

Get Scrappy

In this fast-paced world, where consumer’s expectations are more demanding than ever and the marketing tactics that worked last year are no longer yielding the same results, everyone needs to become more scrappy. Being scrappy is a mindset and it’s something anyone can learn to do. Scrapy NAtion is the community that helps you stay ahead of your competition and learn more new skills than you ever imagined possible.

Read The Scrappy Bog

Our blog is the starting point for people who want to begin the journey towards self-improvement. Each week, we publish new thoughts and how-tos that will inspire you to want more and that will encourage you as you improve your business.

Join The Community

A place where the members of Scrappy Nation get to help each other. If you’re struggling with your business, share your challenges with us and let the community help. Or, if you like to help others, be there for someone who needs you.

Share Your Inspiration

Inspiration can take many forms and can git us when we least expect it. When you see or hear something that helps or inspires you, spread the joy to others by sharing your favorite books, articles, videos, podcasts, quotes, and more.

Scrappy Nation's Core Values

Scrappy Nation is made up of people from all walks of life. We welcome and embrace diversity in all of its glorious forms. Our bond is a shared desire for self-improvement and general scrappiness. Here are some of the values that make us who we are.

We possess the resourcefulness and determination to figure out the solution to the problem at hand.

We have a strong desire to know or learn new things and leave no important question unanswered.

We seek to understand other people in order to learn from them and help each other.

We are far from perfect, but we stay true to who we are and we stand up for what is right.

We use our imaginations to bring together thoughts and ideas that have come before to create solutions to new problems.

We ignore our inner critic, we try the untried and we celebrate the failures along the pathway to success.

To The Naysayers

Scrappiness is not a silver bullet solution that fixes all of the world’s problems. Nor are we saying that scrappiness should be a replacement for formal education or years of experience. The point of the scrappy movement is to empower individuals who feel overwhelmed by the chaos of a rapidly changing world.  We welcome your constructive feedback about Scrappy Nation or scrappiness, in general. We all need to evolve and improve and one of the best ways to do that is to listen to your critics as well as your supporters.

Helping entrepreneurs and marketers grow their business by being scrappy.